Tips for completing 007: Blood Stone - Basic Tasks # 012

Siberia - by any means necessary
Wait until one of the guards approaches you and eliminate him quickly. Then shoot at the enemies standing further in the SVP, especially watching the guard standing on the landing.
Having dealt with all of them, go ahead, turn left and shoot at another guard. After a few steps, you will encounter another group of opponents. Hide behind cover and shoot everyone.
After clearing the area, go to the stairs on the right, go down it and start walking towards the nose. Along the way, shoot at another enemy, and then another one that will come out through the door on the right.
Go inside and activate the panel next to the glass. Then shoot all the enemies from above who will not be able to find shelter.
Run to the room on the left and then enter the loading room. You need to hide behind an obstacle and shoot at enemies.
When all the enemies are dead, run to the other end of the room. After going half the way, quickly hide behind the boxes, which will provide you with protection from fire from armored cars.
Go through the door and go into the aisle on the left.
Go to the aquarium glass on the left and use the phone, and then complete the mini-game. Return to the main hall and go to the glass on the right.
Use the phone and after receiving the information, go to the main glass of the aquarium.
You will find a third error in it and use the phone. When you have collected three pieces of information, go to the entrance staircase and climb up.
Turn left and use the phone on a special reader. Now you need to arrange the fragments correctly so that an audio file is created (the sequence is as follows - yellow, purple, red).
After creating the file, go to the dance floor in front of the main glass of the aquarium. On the left you will find the man you are going to meet. After the screensaver, start chasing the killer. First, deal with the enemies below.
Then shoot the soldier who runs through the front door and runs to the right.
While running, deal with the soldiers who are running towards you. At some point you will reach the door, from behind which a group of rivals runs out. Hide behind the nearest barrier and destroy everyone. This is also a good moment to kill a few opponents on the other side.
After clearing the area, continue the chase and deal with a large number of rival groups.
After a while, you will reach another door, through which even more enemies will come out. Find the shelter again and kill them, then follow the killer.
At the end of the road you will encounter another large group of soldiers. Shoot them, then go through the passage on the left and climb the stairs. Check review of GTBets betting site.

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